Joe Marino / Managing Partner & Head of C.S.O. at MadHive

Joe Marino / Managing Partner & Head of C.S.O. at MadHive

Joe Marino is the Head of the Client Success Organization at MadHive, an enterprise software platform that powers modern media. MadHive’s customers include advertisers and agencies that leverage MadHive’s next-generation cryptography and AI to prevent fraud and increase margins, as well as broadcast giants that rely on the platform to power their linear reach extension offerings.

As Head of CSO, Joe oversees revenue generation from new as well as existing business and builds relationships with current and future clients to ensure their business needs are met and exceeded. During his tenure at MadHive, Joe has grown the business from five clients to over 30 clients, bringing on new broadcast and radio station groups, national brands, DTC brands, agencies, and other unique resellers. Joe brings over ten years of experience building sales and customer relationships to MadHive.


1. What do you like most about your current position?

I really enjoy the puzzle of identifying ways to streamline processes, putting people into the best roles/position based on their skill sets and interests as well as organizing a revenue team for maximum output.


2. What is it about building businesses that you enjoy the most? 

I truly love seeing the impact that some small tweaks can provide with regard to revenue growth. Seeing people come together and get excited about learning more and growing. This has been the most fulfilling part of building out our revenue team and strategy here at MadHive.


3. What best practices have you learned over the years? 

Be patient and make quick well-educated decisions. Take time and breathe when something comes in that makes you want to react emotionally. It’s ok to sleep on it/think on it. Always put the company and the goals of the company first.


4. What are your core values? 

Our core values are… Embody the maverick mindset, hero your partners, and be great do good. These resonate with our entire company as well as our organization. Outside of our core company values, I would say… knowledge is power, communication is key, teamwork is essential, and always put yourself in your client’s seat.


5. As a leader, how do you develop a culture? 

Engage and connect often with everyone. Bring teams together, create scenarios to engender teamwork and cross-departmental communication. Make things fun and not always WORK. Ensure all levels have visibility, say, and feedback. Show appreciation for one another.


6. What is the optimal org structure? 

Through the lens of a revenue team, I like combining both sales and cs into 1 org under the same leadership. This creates we instead of an ‘us vs them’. Bringing marketing into the fold would be another impactful addition, though most organizations that I have been at do not see it that way. Since a large part of marketing is ultimately lead gen, this can help to keep all parties aligned and singing from the same hymnal – not to mention help SDRs if they were tied to the hip.


7. What advice would you give to a new or aspiring executive? 

Take your time, be patient as changing mindsets and structure takes time and approval with some potential obstacles coming from egos and folks who are not interested in change. Ensure everyone is aligned to the same goals and outcomes.